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If you are planning to buy gold coins or buy silver coins, California Gold and Silver Exchange is the best place to do so. With our wide inventory of quality merchandise, topnotch customer service, and some of the most competitive prices in the industry, we are the premier bullion seller in Southern California. Check out our website, give us a call, or pay us a visit, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

We sell an exceedingly wide and varied array of gold and silver items, including–but not limited to– gold and silver bullions, and gold and silver coins. Our years in the industry have given us a range and depth of experience that few other firms can compare with. With our great prices, exceptional service, and solid guarantee, we are the best place to buy silver and gold in California.

We offer the best prices in the business and there is absolutely no pressure to make a purchase. Here is a partial list of what we offer:

1 Ounce American Gold Eagle

The American Gold Eagle, the official
bullion coin of the United States was first released by the U.S. Mint in 1986.  The Coin’s weight and content are guaranteed by the government of the United States of America.  Each coin has 1 ounce of pure gold. The coin is 22K gold and alloyed with silver and copper to produce a more wear-resistant coin.

1 Ounce American Silver Eagle

First released in 1986 the American Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the United States.  It’s guaranteed by the U.S. Mint to contain one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver.  With the Lady Liberty on the front side and the seal of the United States on the back side, the silver eagle is a public favorite.  The American Silver Eagle coins can be placed in IRAs.

1 Ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the official bullion gold coin of Canada.  First made by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1979, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf has become one of the world’s most popular pure bullion coin.  The government of Canada guarantee’s the coins content and purity.

1 Ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

First struck by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1988,  Its purity and content are guaranteed by the government of Canada.  The one universal element in all silver maple leaf coins is the phrase “1oz Argent Pur” along the bottom of the reverse of the coin and they general have a maple leaf on the reverse side.

1 Ounce South African
Gold Krugerrand

First released in 1967 to help market South African gold, the South African Krugerrand is one of the most popular and widely traded bullion coin in the world.  Produced by the South African Mint Company, each coin contains a full ounce of gold with an extra alloying metal added to prevent unwanted wear.

90% Silver


90% Silver are United States dimes, quarters & halves 1964 and before.  Many people prefer to invest in what is known as junk silver because of the small denomination and the low premium over spot price. Every dollar of face value has .715 of a troy ounce of pure silver.  Lots of people are even putting a roll of or two of coins in
there emergency kit.

1 Ounce Silver Round

Actual Round May Differ from Picture Above.

Each silver round is one ounce of pure .999 silver.  This is the most cost-effective ways to own silver bullion in the one ounce weight.

10 Ounce Silver Bars

Actual 10 ounce bar may differ from picture above.

10 Ounce silver bars are .999 pure silver and are one of the easiest ways to store silver bullion.  With a low premium over the silver spot price they are a cost effective way to purchase silver.

Buying gold and silver coins at California Gold and Silver Exchange couldn’t be any simpler. Simply drop in at our location at 130 S Mountain Ave. Unit R in Upland, California, and check out our extensive inventory. You could also call us at 909-985-GOLD if you are looking for something specific. Drop in to our store or join our mailing list for specials and we will be glad to provide you with detailed information on each piece you are considering.


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